43 About us


The American International School of Cape Town (AISCT) is a private, not-for-profit co-educational institution founded in 1997. The school educates 500 students from over 60 countries, ranging in age between 2 and 18 years and instructed by teachers from around the world. The school has an average class size of 15 students with a teacher-to-student ratio of 10:1.

AISCT is located on 12-acres in the heart of Constantia Hills with Table Mountain National Park towering in the background. Cape Town is a dynamic, modern city of 4 million people and is continually ranked as one of the best places to live in the world. AISCT students are able to take advantage of the numerous opportunities the city has to offer.

AISCT follows curriculum out of the USA and offers College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses in the high school, including the AP Capstone Program. Following the northern hemisphere calendar, the school year begins in August and ends in June. AISCT students are able to experience a wide range of classes, from traditional core subjects to innovative classes such as robotics, design technology, musical theater, band, and vocals. In high school, students have 65 different classes to choose from during their 4-year experience.


Empowering students with respect, responsibility, and integrity.


A diverse learning community providing students the opportunities and confidence to positively impact the world.


Respect. Responsibility. Integrity.

At AISCT we believe in restorative justice as a model for managing student behavior. Discipline at AISCT is designed to make the classrooms conducive to learning and the campus a safe, friendly, pleasant place to study and interact with others. A well-disciplined environment with clear expectations is essential in order that we may accomplish our most important role in instruction.

At the core of our belief about student discipline are the three pillars of character: RESPECTRESPONSIBILITY, and INTEGRITY. By modelling these three pillars of character, most issues that we face can be handled with minimal disruptions to the educational program.


Effective Schoolwide Learning Results

Every student will demonstrate:

  1. Effective communication (Communicating)
  2. High level thinking (Thinking)
  3. A solid foundation of knowledge (Knowing)
  4. Positive learning attitudes and behavior (Behaving)
  5. Global and community appreciation (Caring and Sharing)
52 Eco School


In 2009 a group of environmentally conscious members of the AISCT community decided to transform AISCT into an Eco School. The Eco School program is an internationally recognized initiative that aims to encourage curriculum-based action for a healthy environment. A globally acknowledged award scheme that accredits schools that make a commitment to continuously improving their school’s environment, Eco-Schools originated in Europe as a program of the Foundation for Environmental Education and was launched in South Africa in May 2003.

A Green Team consisting of teacher representatives, as well as a student-based eco group, was established and three environmental/sustainability themes were identified as focal points for our Green Initiative.

AISCT chose to concentrate on Resource Use, which has led to the school’s recycling program, and Nature and Biodiversity, which has involved identifying many of the indigenous and exotic species of plants on the AISCT campus, as well as starting up the school vegetable garden. The third theme, Healthy Living, has involved efforts by both staff and parents to improve water conservation efforts, healthy eating habits, and a host of other projects.

AISCT was awarded the Bronze Flag for its efforts. We continue to work towards improving our Eco School Program and are now focused on water conservation efforts.


Cape Town is a water-scarce city and AISCT has made significant strides to reduce our ecological footprint while ensuring we remain 100% operational during any potential water shortfall.

We have engaged in significant capital projects to our toilets, sinks, pools, and all irrigation to our own water supply. We are now 95% self-sustainable through rainwater recycling and borehole (ground) water supply, with the remaining 5% of city water used for kitchen and drinking purposes. This has resulted in AISCT saving over 1 million liters of water per year. In the event of a shortfall of water in Cape Town, AISCT will remain 100% operational and be able to supply our own drinking water.

To read the latest official news on the Cape Town water situation, please visit the following site: Think Water