School board


The AISCT Alumni Union is in its fledgling year and is a work in progress.

The objective of the Alumni Union is to facilitate an environment in which former students are able to maintain contact with one another, build and foster the community and help each other and the school.

We aim to lay the foundations of the Alumni Union during the 2016-17 academic year by putting the following into action:

  • Create the structure – set in place the executive structure determine the structure of the board (Annual elections for the board)
  • Chairman (oversee the running of the union)
  • Treasurer (finances – report to the board)
  • Secretary (Day to day business and communication)
  • Alumni School council representative
  • Social coordinator (arranges events and functions)
  • Vice president of the current student council
  • An IT person to build and maintain a website

If you are a former student and would like to become involved in the AISCT Alumni Union, please contact Mario Lamprecht