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Hailing from the USA, Dr. Daniel Jubert has been involved in international education for over 12 years. Previous to Cape Town, he was Head of School at Shanghai Community International School in Shanghai, China, and has also worked at Escuela Internacional Sampedrana in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He holds a doctorate degree in education and a masters degree in educational psychology, both from the University of Minnesota, along with state licenses in school administration and school counseling.

Dr. Jubert is passionate about pursuing innovate practices in education. He believes that AISCT students experience a true liberal arts education, one that combines the rigors of university preparation with the opportunities to grow in the arts, athletics, and international-mindedness. Dr. Jubert is also heavily involved in the African region, as he serves as the Board Chair for the Association of International Schools in Africa.

Dr. Jubert is joined in Cape Town by his wife and three children, all who attend (or will soon attend) AISCT.

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No other city in the world can boast Cape Town’s natural setting, at the confluence of two oceans and the iconic Table Mountain National Park smack in the middle of the Mother City. A coming-together of cultures, cuisines, and landscapes, it is truly a remarkable place to behold.

As Headmaster, let me be the first to welcome you to the American International School of Cape Town (AISCT).

AISCT is the oldest and largest international school in the Western Cape, and we are host to a vibrant campus in the southern Cape Town suburb of Constantia, with unparalleled architecture and beauty, a challenging and robust academic program, exceptional faculty committed to the growth and well-being of your child, and a rich community spirit.

At AISCT, you will find an academically rigorous, college-preparatory program balanced against our desire to foster students’ artistic, athletic, and global citizenship endeavors, with our ultimate goal to provide all students opportunities for success.

AISCT is and always has been a family school, and through our growth and change, we have kept this core belief that school is an intimate place where each student is nurtured and challenged. Our distinctive setting in this dynamic city affords us a student population of over 500 from over 50 different countries, creating an exceptional environment in which to develop an understanding of people from around the world.

Considering the above, it is only natural that our school becomes the fabric weaving our community together. It is this unique combination of internationalism, strong academics, varied activities and arts, warm atmosphere, and personalized approach that make us successful.

I am in awe of what AISCT has accomplished in its history and proud of what we accomplish today in our changing world. I hope that you will take the opportunity to plan a visit and see for yourself what an AISCT education has to offer your child and your family.


Dr. Daniel Jubert

49 Welcome from the Head 2


AISCT is overseen by a Board of Governors comprising Larry Balli, Willem Buhrmann, Michael Dougherty, Paul duToit, and Kristy Dewi, who have been appointed according to the bylaws of its Deed of Foundation.  The Board is responsible for the school’s fiscal solvency and overall success.  Its responsibilities include:

  • Oversee and promote the overall success and fiscal health of the school;
  • Appoint and evaluate annually the Headmaster, who administers school policy;
  • Develop, approve, and insure the implementation of school policy, and insure efficient and
    logical allocation of the school’s human and material resources;
  • Monitor the use of the school’s existing facilities and develop new ones which might
    enhance program delivery;
  • Ensure the maintenance of the school’s good relationships with the government of the
    Republic of South Africa in general and the Ministry of Education in particular;
  • Meet periodically in accordance with the stipulations of the Articles of Association. The
    meetings are managed according to the Deeds of Foundation.

The School Board at AISCT operates with a self-perpetuating, “corporate governance” model, a model endorsed by such organizations as the Council of International Schools and the National Association of Independent Schools. The corporate model of a self-perpetuating board allows the board to choose itself and its successors and to focus largely on the strategic future of the school and generative thinking, leaving the operation of the school to the head of school.

Three of the Board Members are designated as “Directors” by virtue of their having established the school and financed its start up in 1992.  These three are Larry Balli, Michael Dougherty, and Kristy Dewi.

In the event that a Board Member resigns, he or she will be replaced by appointment of the Board Directors.  The criteria for selection in that case will be, as it was for the existing members, an interest in supporting AISCT, a willingness to invest time for meetings and activities, and the background, connections, and position to advance the school’s mission.

The Board evaluates the Head of School annually. Parents, teachers, and students have the opportunity to evaluate the Board’s performance in annual surveys and at meetings convened periodically by the Board to communicate the school’s financial position and plans for the future.

School council


AISCT convenes a School Council throughout the course of the year. The Council consists of seven members, three of which are community members elected by the school constituents, three of which are appointed by the ISF Board, and one teacher representative.  The Council serves to advise and help guide the direction of the school.  The AISCT Headmaster has a standing invitation to attend all meetings.

School Council member elections take place at the start of the academic year in August, followed by a Council meeting in September.