“I do not know who learns more in the classroom – the pupils
from their teacher, or the teacher from her pupils. We share so much about our different nationalities, culture and traditions.”
Mrs Robyn Hull, Grade 3 teacher

The ELEMENTARY SCHOOL offers a fully comprehensive, diverse program. Students experience a rich diversity of learning opportunities throughout the school. We have committed, caring and experienced faculty members who work with enthusiasm and dedication. Our learning also includes service learning and each grade has an identified social cause that they learn about and contribute to in a variety of meaningful ways.


Our wide-ranging curriculum includes events such as sports day, inter-house competitions, educational fieldtrips, assemblies, residential camp in Grade 5 and a variety of extracurricular activities which provide opportunities for all interests and abilities. We aim to instill a strong sense of community, respect, responsibility and integrity among our students while equipping them with the skills to be curious, lifelong learners.


Fun is the most important word we have when it comes to activities at the Elementary School level. Our teachers and coaches focus on skills development as well as friendly competition and fun games.
During the school year we have summer and winter activities that we follow and we play sports that are classified as summer and winter sports during these terms. Winter sports are during terms 1 and 4 and summer sports are between terms 2 and 3.

Winter activities include soccer, volleyball, touch rugby, cross country, field hockey as well as indoor activities, such as storytelling, movement club, craft club and French club. Summer activities include swimming, basketball, tennis, netball, touch rugby, soccer as well as indoor activities like gymnastics, cooking club, and art club.

At AISCT we keep a balance between the activities that are offered by the school and those that are facilitated by an outside company or individual. These activities are called private activities and are paid as an extra by the parents. Examples of private activities are Cooking Club, Little Kickers Soccer and Ballet.

At AISCT we encourage all students to partake in at least one activity or sport per term and doing so instill in students the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.


AISCT’s Service Learning program provides students the opportunities and confidence to positively impact the world through genuine engagement in collaborative, meaningful action with local partners.

AISCT has targeted specific social causes and selected the following partner organizations appropriate for Grades K2-5:

Grade Social Cause Partner Organization(s)
Kindergarten 2 Children with medical needs Cupcakes of Hope

Friends of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital

Grade 1 The elderly Princess Christian Home
Grade 2 Animal welfare TEARS
Grade 3 Children with differences SARDA
Grade 4 Marine conservation SANCCOB
Grade 5 Literacy The Shine Centre & Home from Home