High School

‘Being at AISCT taught me how to be more international minded.
Now I am confident to speak to anyone from anywhere in the world.’
Kate Whiteside, Class of 2015

At the HIGH SCHOOL level, students select eight classes from the 60+ classes on offer. Each class meets for two 85-minute classes and one 40-minute class per week. The High School schedule offers flexibility so that students can select courses at the appropriate level/area of interest for them. There are minimum exit requirements in order to earn our Diploma, but students sit with our counselor to carefully plan out their individualized path to graduation depending on their strengths, interests and university aspirations.



Advanced Placement (AP) courses are university level courses taken in high school and prepare students for higher education internationally. More than 90 percent of universities in the United States as well as 60 other countries give students credit, advanced placement or both on the basis of AP exam grades. AISCT has a University Advisor/ Guidance Counselor who fully understands the university application processes globally and whose role in the school is to counsel students regarding applications.

AISCT currently offers 16 AP courses to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders in the following subject areas: English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, Calculus AB, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics I, Environmental Science, Psychology, US History, European History, French Language & Culture, Spanish Language & Culture, Studio Art (Drawing and 2-D Design) and the AP Capstone Diploma program classes of Seminar and Research.

For more information https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/home


The AISCT course offering is designed to offer a wide range of choice based on student ability and interest. We accept however, that there are limits to what we can offer in-house for our students. In the event that a student wishes to follow a course that we do not offer, we invite students to supplement their AISCT courses with online study. We currently work with the Virtual High School Collaborative and K12 International Online.


AISCT runs on a US credit-based system with a WASC accredited USA High School Diploma as its exit qualification. A specified number of credits must be earned in each discipline in order for a 12th grader to be eligible to graduate our program (one year-long course = one credit). 4 Credits are required in English, 3 credits in each of our other core disciplines (Math, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language) as well as 2 credits in Arts, 2 credits in PE/Health and 10 credits in elective classes or additional core subjects. Graduation requirements also include a certain number of service hours and the successful completion of our Senior Task (an independent research project).


The High School counselor at AISCT provides a university guidance service which begins in Grade 9, supporting students all the way to their final applications processes at the end of Grade 11 and start of Grade 12. Our graduates apply predominantly to colleges in the USA and Canada but we also have a number of applications to UK, European, and South African universities. We are a registered center for both Common App and UCAS application processes.


AISCT’s Service Learning program provides students the opportunities and confidence to positively impact the world through genuine engagement in collaborative, meaningful action with local partners.

Students are required to complete 50 service hours to graduate from AISCT. In their freshman, sophomore and junior years, students complete a minimum of 10 hours per year; in their senior year this increases to 20 hours. Some hours may be completed by helping with the organization of four special events we host throughout the school year, Goals for Good, Hoops for Hope, Fun Day and Relay For Life. Students are encouraged to complete the remainder of their service hours with charitable organizations of their choice, based on their interests.