Middle School

‘AISCT is a close-knit community where teachers focus on
their students as individuals as well as learners – they really care!’
Leoni Mahal – Class of 2015

At the MIDDLE SCHOOL level, students rotate around their classes in with their same peer group. There are 11 subjects on offer (5 core classes and 6 specials). Each core class (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language) meets for two 85-minute classes and one 40-minute class per week. Each special (PE, IT, Drama, Art,) meets for three 40-minute periods per week, Music is allocated one 85-minute class per week and MS students also have one period of guidance per week. AISCT runs a one-to-one iPad program in the Middle School and each student in grades 6–8 is expected to have their own device.



AISCT offers a wide range of after-school sports and activities for students as part of its extra-curricular program. At the Middle School level, we have boys’ and girls’ soccer, basketball, cross country and swim teams who compete in local school leagues/meets/galas. Other activities such as Robotics, Art Club, Chess Club, Pop Vocals and Service Outreach projects also form part of the school’s offering. In addition, private activities such as Cheerleading, Ballet, LAMDA Drama classes and Ubuntu Soccer are available.


AISCT’s Service Learning program provides students the opportunities and confidence to positively impact the world through genuine engagement in collaborative, meaningful action with local partners.

We actively seek out service opportunities for our Middle School students to become involved in a local community cause and plan on-going activities and events in support of a pre-selected NGO. At the Grade 6 level students look at the environment and work with GreenPop to plant trees in low income schools and playgrounds. The Grade 7 students work with MPACT on the issue of recycling materials both on campus and off and the Grade 8s work with disadvantaged children in rural areas through an organization called Help the Rural Child.